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So, besides yesterday's post, my last one was while i was in Northern Ireland, so an update is way past due...

The Northern Ireland trip sucked for the most part. Crappy hotel, certainly not the tyipcal scenic, Irish town (there was smog! bleah!), jet-lag, being away from loved ones. But i was able to get home a day earlier than usual for these trips, and got to Wicked Faire as planned!

Wicked Faire was awesome as always... i don't know how Jeff does it, but it gets better every year. We bumped into him and told him that for the first time in quite a while we might have to miss next year's Faire, with the impending new family member and all :) But it was a good time all round and i got to see people i only see very rarely... even some i hadn't seen in years!

One person i didn't manage to bump into there was someone who pinged me on OKCupid a few days earlier. I hadn't bothered logging in there until the morning we left for Faire, and only then because [ profile] luvcherbear had changed her profile and i wanted to link to her new one. But while i was checking out the profile to see who had pinged me, she turned out to be online too and IMed me. We chatted a bit, but then i had to excuse myself to get ready for the trip... she had to as well, going to a con. The same one! We tried to meet up, but timing didn't work... So we met the following weekend instead :) That went reasonably well, with the exception of me screwing up long-standing, but forgotten-in-the-moment rules with [ profile] luvcherbear when she got home. We had a second date the following weekend that went amazingly, and no more fouls. We went to the Philadelphia flower show which was overwhelming in a few ways! Another date tomorrow night, this time with [ profile] luvcherbear, too, which should be all kinds of awesome :)

My dad has also been here the past two weeks, so we've spent some time with him. Last weekend was at a Brazilian grill... I had never been to one before. They bring you all kinds of meat on spits and carve it into your plate until you beg them to stop! And this place is only 10 minutes away in Nazareth! It might warrant visiting again :) But only once a meat-induced coma can be scheduled in advance... we didn't move the next day :) Yesterday we celebrated the start of Spring by taking him to Columcille... gorgeous as ever, and it had been far too long since we've been back there. It was a perfect start to Spring, seeing some crocuses starting to peek out amongst the stones :) Today my brother and sisters and their families got together with my dad for a picnic at Louise Moore Park in Bethlehem. Another wonderful day! And, sadly, the last time i'm going to to see my dad for a while. But he said he'd be back after the baby's born, so maybe not so long.

The baby has been through various fruit and vegetable names over the past few weeks, thanks to and their countdown :) Everything is going wonderfully there... Biggy ultrasound on April 12th, so expect more pics after that!

Hugs and kisses to my loved ones!

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Date: 2010-03-22 11:08 pm (UTC)
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Ooh, love me some Meat Faucet (which is what we call Malibu Grill, the local churrascaria chain we go to down here sometimes)! :9


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