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The weekend before last [ profile] luvcherbear , [ profile] neko_no_kioku and i went to Phoenixville. Pretty little town, lots of touristy-type shops. We had an early dinner at the Iron Hill Brewery, walked around for a bit and then… Celtic rock concert at the Colonial Theatre! The first act was Burning Bridget Cleary, a relatively local group. Two fiddlers and a guitar player, a lot of fun. At one point the two women playing fiddles climbed down off the stage and walked through the audience, even standing on the chairs. A lady in front of us said she had seen them play at a nearby pub and they had done the same thing, standing on the bar!

Next up was Coyote Run... [ profile] luvcherbear and i had seen them a few months earlier at Wicked Faire and they were pretty amazing again, despite being a bit limited in the amount of space they had on stage. Limited because behind them everything was set out for the main act, Tempest! We saw Lief Sorbye, the lead singer, watching Coyote Run from the shadows off to the side, a few rows in front of us...

Tempest took the stage after a short intermission and really rocked the house :) This was another band all 3 of us (along with [ profile] chibimonnie ) had seen before in a smaller venue, in New Hope last Summer. This was their only stop in PA this year, so I'm glad we got to see them. We found out why the first track on their new album is a cover of a 60s folk song... Apparently their label, after 22 years, figured they needed a hit and wanted them to do that song. Couldn't tell if the band was entirely thrilled by the idea, but they played it anyway and we sang along :) During the whole concert, the baby was reportedly very excited and fluttering a lot. Then, during the finale (before the encore), the band had everyone out of their seats, clapping along, and there was a loud exclamation from [ profile] luvcherbear... The baby actually kicked for the first time! I put my hand there and felt a few of them, too :) He must have liked the music, so at least we know he'll have good taste.

We didn't stick around afterwards, but headed home. Got turned around a few times trying to get out of Phoenixville, but eventually got home, pretty late. We had to be up pretty early the next morning, too. [ profile] luvcherbear and i had been asked to be gods parents to a friends’ daughter. Her Wiccaning was at Ostara, a new-agey type shop in Bethlehem. The ceremony went well, and amazingly the little one did not scream when seeing me. This is the first time since she had been born that she was able to look at me without bursting out crying! We’ve never been able to figure out why… But apparently desensitizing her by showing her pictures of me on Facebook all week seemed to have worked :)

Then it was off to see our baby's godmother, who was throwing a first birthday party for her younger puppy. Lots of fun hanging out with people and puppies, though i think i was starting to fade out towards the end. I know i was offered a pillow a few times...

The following weekend the baby's godmother came over to our place, along with the godfather and goddess mother. This was the first time the "baby's committee" had met each other, so we had really been looking forward to it. Saturday was spent shopping and cleaning/tidying, and in my case also mowing the lawn and *gasp* getting a hair cut! Then on Sunday everyone came over and there much hugging and planning and eating homemade stromboli and cheesecake.

Busy week this week, too… today is our wedding anniversary (happy anniversary, my Love!) and tomorrow is [ profile] luvcherbear's birthday. Then this weekend: celebrating Beltaine at May Faire.

And I don't need to hurry as long as I'm with you / We'll take it nice and easy and use my simple plan / You'll be my lovin' woman, I'll be your lovin' man.


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