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If it's any indication, one of the highlights of the weekend was getting a letter from the IRS on Friday. Seems when i paid my taxes last month i had missed a credit i've never heard of before, so they're sending some of it back "within 6 weeks".

Woke at 3am Saturday morning... Yes, 3am. Had to get [ profile] luvcherbear to the airport for her trip to California. I won't see her for 3 weeks, as by the time she gets home this Saturday, i'll already be on my way to Ireland for two weeks for work. I tried to nap a little when i got back to the house, but pretty soon had to get ready for Tribe meet. That was another good spot, seeing family i hadn't in a while. Much hugging, which was needed, as i was already feeling lonely.

Got home pretty late... coming up on being awake for 24hours... Then something terrible happened. One of our cats, Dora, was lying in my lap being petted, purring gently. Then suddenly she half jumped, half fell onto the floor... and just lay there! I got down next to her and cradled her in my arms... There were a few twitches and she didn't seem to be breathing. I held her, stroking her, calling her name... there were a few convulsions, her tongue was half out. A quiet squeak, a shudder ran through her... then she was gone. It seemed for ever, but really couldn't have been more than 20 seconds since she had been on the couch with me. I immediately called [ profile] luvcherbear because she had adopted Dora before we even met. In tears, i tried to tell her what happened, but i didn't even know.

I was a complete mess... She managed to talk me down enough to go get a towel to wrap Dora in. Meanwhile she made some calls and soon enough my sister and some friends were over. I don't know what time it was, but i'm guessing around 1am. They helped me calm down and we figured out what to do. Called [ profile] luvcherbear again... We decided to bury Dora at my sister's house, since we're not planning on staying at the house we're at long-term. We put her in a box and my sister took her home.

Sunday i went over there to bury her. my brother-in-law had already dug a hole, so that made it easier. They're putting in flower beds around the house, so we put her in a freshly dug one. They promised to plant lots of flowers and plants there. my brother-in-law found a stone to mark the spot and i said a few words, as best as i could get them out. We wandered around their garden a little afterward and then i went home, in a bit of a daze. Snuggled the other cats, who were pretty consfused, but otherwise i was just numb. I was pretty much all day yesterday, too... almost dreaded going home to a house that just seemed far too empty, but i knew my other fur-babies needed me. I slept with one of them next to me (they're not usually allowed in the bedroom at night). It's still sinking in...
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