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Well, i survived my trip to Ireland... The trip there was canceled due to volcanic ash clouds, just as i was about to get on the plane. Had to wait quite a while to get my bag back and finally got home about 2am. So i went a week later, for one week instead of two, with another instructor covering the other class a week later. I wasn't too crushed about not being away for two weeks, as it meant i got to see [ profile] lovecherbear who got back from California after i had already left for the airport (the first time)! i got back a little over a week ago. Just. I managed to miss the plane and got on standby for the next one a few hours later. Cleared security just as boarding started... Note to self: when using the alarm clock on my cell phone, it would really help NOT dropping it on the floor where it will be muffled by the carpet. This was the second hotel room that didn't have an alarm clock... maybe it's a European thing.

Other than that, the trip was good. Good class, they liked to start early (and break halfway through the morning for breakfast!), so we ended early every day. That gave me plenty of time in the afternoons to explore the village i was staying at (Maynooth). My dad flew over from London to see me one evening, and another i went into Dublin to see a friend i hadn't seen in some 10 years (she moved over there 9 years ago). There was a lot of talking and catching up that night :)

While i was over there, [ profile] lovecherbear had another ultrasound. This time we remembered a usb memory stick! So we got quite a few photos this time, and even a few short movie clips. Here's one of the cool 3d photos:

We put the crib together when i got back, to let the cats get used to it (and figure out they're not allowed in it, because they get the water spray bottle if they do). Then on Wednesday evening we had the first of 4 child birth classes. Tomorrow's the next one and as of Sunday we're officially in the 3rd trimester. All this is making it a lot more real... It's one thing to know there's a baby on the way, it's another to actually start seeing evidence around the house!

I'm going to miss the 3rd of the classes as i'm off on yet another trip. At least they gave me a weekend at home. This time it's to Avezzano, Italy. Yay, an hour more of jet-lag to get over, just in time to turn around and come back home. This should be it for a while, though... i'm booked solid teaching classes back here all the way up to the due date. In fact, if the baby's early, they're going to have to scramble to find someone else to finish off the last ones :) I should have time to relax and see loved ones occasionally when i get home. (Miss you all! *hugs* and *kisses*)

There was also my sister's graduation on Thursday evening. I managed to get over there to see her graduate, but i didn't stay for the whole ceremony... two hours was enough. I was surprised to find she was recognised 4 times! As they were calling out the names of students with highest honors so they could stand, i figured when they got close to her name i'd be able to figure approximately where she was sitting. Then they called her name! She stood up twice more (for students in the national honor society, and for students performing community service) and then got to walk across the stage. So she's now officially a Liberty High School alumna and on her way to the University of Pittsburgh in a few months!

Stay until your love is, love is, Alive and Kicking.


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