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The past few weeks...

After the trip (see previous post) i had a few days off, so i was able to go with [ profile] luvcherbear to her next ultrasound. It's always a wonderful thing to watch :) She's since had another one, so here's the obligatory photo:

He has hair! I didn't know they could see hair in ultrasounds... Btw, those goofy pointing fingers aren't mine, the tech. put them on there :) We also had the last of our childbirth classes that week. Got a certificate and everything, so i guess we're now licensed to have the baby :) One of the girls in the class didn't wait and had hers halfway through the course...

The following weekend we went to Bethlehem's Art Walk to watch some family play music. We stayed for a good couple of hours, listened to several sets and chatted in between. Great fun... we don't see them often enough. Though we'll see them this weekend (see below).

July 4th weekend we did absolutely nothing, not even watch fireworks. And it felt good :) The following two weekends were pretty low key, too, though last weekend we were supposed to meet a new friend from online. She ended up getting pretty sick, though and had to cancel. Hopefully we'll meet up next weekend.

This weekend is the baby shower. I've never been to one before... i gather they're traditionally women-only things. We're hardly traditional, though :) About 50 of our friends and family will be showing up. Not here at the house! It's going to be at a nearby park. And the heat index is supposed to hit 100... Fortunately it's very shaded and has a covered pavilion and a creek running past to cool things down. And if anyone gets too hot there's also a pool in the park, so i think we'll be ok.

Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' / Into the future.


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