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[personal profile] iestynapmwg's hard to remember to write it down every now and then! Which is why, when i do, there are lots of cuts:

So, there was this baby shower. I got there early and set up with the help of my sister and some friends. That way [ profile] luvcherbear could rest at home in the air conditioning until the party started. There were no spaces left in the parking lot when we got there at noon, so we ended up parking on side streets. Lots of friends and family showed up so i spent quite a bit of time walking back and forth carrying things as people arrived and unloaded. And parked (and later picked up) [ profile] luvcherbear's car so she wouldn't have to walk far. It was very hot out (heat index was getting close to 100) so we were extremely grateful for the shaded pavilion and the creek. In fact, with being able to paddle in the creek, nobody bothered to head over to the pool.

There was lots of talking, catching up, hugging... Some half-hearted attempt at silly games, but mostly just hanging out, having fun. There was far too much food, and we had a cake shaped like a bed with a tie-dyed blanket and a bear on it, made by [ profile] stihltygre and L. It looked so good nobody wanted to cut into it :) Then the main event... opening pressies! This baby now has more clothes than he could possibly ever wear... And toys and blankets... It occured to us the other day that there has been little we've had to buy ourselves. Considering the enormous amount of baby "stuff" that has accumulated through gifts and hand-me-downs, we're very lucky. And of course, we'll pay it forward and pass things on to others as he outgrows things.

All in all, it was a good time, and we were thoroughly exhausted at the end of it :) The next day was spent doing very little.

The following weekend i went to my sister's house for dinner, along with my other sister. My brother was supposed to be there, too, but he flaked out on us, claiming he had too much work to do. On a Sunday evening. Well, we had fun without him. It was quite possibly our last get-together before my sister leaves for college, so she wanted to cook for us. It was a traditional Sunday lunch kind of thing, with lamb, Yorkshire pudding, gravy and vegetables. I think this is the first time she had cooked a whole meal like that for us. I'm glad to see she's self-sufficient enough to do that... I don't think i was when i first went off to college :) The only problem with her going off to college is it's in Pittsburgh, so she won't be coming home weekends. If the baby doesn't arrive early she won't get to see her nephew until Thanksgiving. But we have webcams and Skype accounts.

The next day i had a nasty migraine, bad enough to call out of work. It's been a while since i last had one bad enough to take migraine meds for, so i guess i've been lucky there. As [ profile] luvcherbear had an ultrasound scheduled, i went along. The sound of cicadas in the trees is quite possibly the most painfully grating sound you can hear when you have a migraine... But it was worth it to see the baby on the monitor. He was dead centre of the growth charts for that many weeks' gestation. And it was the last growth-monitoring ultrasound. Of course, a photo:

The weekend before last was a 13th birthday party for B, [ profile] stihltygre's and [ profile] momwillary's son. It was a themed party (Nightmare before Christmas), so most of the kids were in costume. And another phenomenal cake... Jack in front of a house with the same crazy angles you see in the movie. And "bricks" made of fondant. I wasn't the only one to tell [ profile] stihltygre and L they should go into business selling cakes like these :) A lot of the same friends and family from the shower were there... and we saw them again the following weekend.

Which was this past Saturday. We got an early start and drove an hour to Warminster. The baby's godfather works at a car dealership there and had gotten us a good deal on a 2006 Suburban Forester with very low mileage. Traded in my rapidly falling apart car (they gave me $300 for it!) that would not have passed inspection at the end of the month, so now i have something reliable to drive. Safer, too, which is a bonus. After getting done at the dealership, we drove an hour and a bit to Boyertown for the Summer Tribe meet.

It was an open meet, so there were a lot of additional friends there too, as well as family members who had trekked all the way from Pennsic the day before. [ profile] juergen and two other adults got their tribal names and two of the kids got their youth names. It was a fairly long ceremony and about half way through [ profile] luvcherbear started having a few contractions. Painful enough that i felt them half way around the circle! They settled down after we got her something to eat, but not before several people suggested i start timing them and i started panicking that we were over an hour from home.

After the ceremony there was much food and merriment. Lots of little kids running around with wooden sticks trying to beat up one of the adults, too :) Great weather for it, overcast and for the first time in what seems like it's been for ever, not too hot out! There's hope i might survive this Summer yet. The party was due to move from the park to a fire pit nearby, but it had been a long day for us, so we headed home. In the new car :)

Baby you can drive my car


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