chicken of naps

Sep. 18th, 2017 04:19 pm
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it is Monday, & we are here

a breath for Monday

what worked?

small steps. small steps. a lot of naps. so much napping.

next time i might...

do fewer things in one day

the hard:

so tired. SO tired. so very, very tired. So tired of being so tired. hey, body, i got shit to DO here.

hanging out with someone i KNOW is a bad idea for me to hang out with. don't, just don't, if i don't have to, don't, & chances are i don't have to.

Tom's wandering off for more days at a time, still, so i'm worried about him pretty often. ugh, tomcats.

the good:

the house is still happening. i'm gonna be vaguely surprised this is working for probably six months after we have the title in hand.

rommmate spent the weekend at a pagan event, thus giving me some badly-needed alone time.

donkey races in Cerrillos, which was pretty much the best thing i'd seen in a month.

finally getting on top of the post-event stuff, which is pretty nice, i hate having stuff half-done & sitting

superpowers & such:

Take a Damn Nap. also, Take a Damn Nap.

the plan:

this week enough stuff is unpacked & refrotzed that i get to make things! i like making things. it's the best part.

chicken of monday's right on schedule

Sep. 11th, 2017 03:02 pm
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it is Monday, & we are here

a breath (a deep, long breath) for Monday being a proper Monday again.

what worked?

lots of deep breaths. one thing at a time. dealing with event stuff by cleaning my room. (no, this makes sense, cos event stuff comes into my room.) petting cats. eating good food. taking breaks. so many breaks.

next time i might ...

trust to the process. do fewer things at a time. not worry about getting all the post-event stuff done RIGHT NOW. pet the cat.

the hard:

Major Tom, backyard I Am Mighty & Feral & Do Not Need Anything From Stinky Humans Please Scratch My Cheeks More, didn't show up the night we got back from the event. or the next day. or the next. by Friday i had pretty much decided he'd finally gotten unlucky. (he's fine, that bit's later.) a breath for All Things Are Ephemeral Especially Tomcats.

so many Thing. event recovery & unpacking. room's a mess. kitchen's a mess. boxes everywhere waiting to be packed. nowhere to put said boxes when they're packed. *distressed flappyhands* a breath for One Thing At A Time.

upon getting home from the event Monday, we discovered that our catsitter had somehow locked the door to my room from the INSIDE, trapping Raven in there, which she not only denied doing, but in a way that implied we were stupid for not being able to get the door open. (Raven had food & water & litterbox & was not distressed, but.) said violation of my living space caused me to see a red film over the world for the third time in a week. roommate wound up kicking in the door, which is good, cos i woulda kicked it right off the hinges. a breath for Soon We Will Live Somewhere We Are Safe.

the good:

Major Tom showed up Friday & is fine! he'd lost some weight (it's fairly possible our problematic catsitter wasn't feeding him as much as she was supposed to) but is fine. kinda cranky at me for immediately picking him up & holding him too tight but he was stuck with that. a couple days later things with him are back to normal; he's flopped out on the deck as i type. a breath for He Is Just Fine.

a stripey grey tabbycat, with his face buried in a bowl of gooshyfud.

house is proceeding well (slightly to my surprise; i keep expecting things to blow up). a breath for Things Sometimes Work Okay.

the cats are all safe & okay & more-or-less getting along as much as they're likely to. a breath for cats.

event recovery is going steadily if slowly, & my room is becoming my room again.

superpowers i had:

Take A Damn Nap. I Don't Really Need To Do This So Why Am I Stressing Myself. It Will All Get Done Eventually, Chill.

the plan:

unpack, refrotz, make stuff, laundry, pet cats, unpack more stuff, sew things


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